Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Selection Marker in the FolderView Applet

Hello fellow kde devs & users!

There is an active discussion going on around this bug:

The problem in question is adding an option to disable the "+" overlay button in the FolderView applet, in analogy with the existing "Click to view folders" option.

So, to really get the option in, we need to demonstrate that this option is valuable to a solid part of the KDE user community. To do this, I've created this poll here:

Opinions welcome! :)

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to create any kind of holywar, flame or FUD. It is intended to explore the opinions of the user base and to raise awareness of the issue. Thank you for understanding the rationale behind this post and treating it constructively.


  1. Yes, need that option, that + is really annoying, same for tooltips which CANNOT be clicked through (i have to click once so that the tooltip disappear and second time to click on the icon) and they sometimes appear right under the mouse. Unfortunately cannot vote, not willing to register.

  2. It is crazy. The + should be displayed on a single-click-interface and hidden on a double-click interface. That way, it's just smart - and doesn't need any other configuration. Adding a special option for this is nuts. The folder view already has way too many options.

  3. There are many cases where one is not doing selection and moving of icons even on a single click interface. There should be a simple option to disable it, and yes, ALSO, folderview tooltips! I like the folderview hover popout of folders into a new folderview if disabling "click to view", but I REALLY hate that I first get a popup tooltip right before it.