Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Selection Marker in the FolderView Applet

Hello fellow kde devs & users!

There is an active discussion going on around this bug:

The problem in question is adding an option to disable the "+" overlay button in the FolderView applet, in analogy with the existing "Click to view folders" option.

So, to really get the option in, we need to demonstrate that this option is valuable to a solid part of the KDE user community. To do this, I've created this poll here:

Opinions welcome! :)

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to create any kind of holywar, flame or FUD. It is intended to explore the opinions of the user base and to raise awareness of the issue. Thank you for understanding the rationale behind this post and treating it constructively.

Monday, March 26, 2012

NFS FolderView Bug

Hello fellow KDE devs and users!

Once again I am asking you to report on a bug which is not reproducible for me.

Here it is:


Basically, folderview lays the icons out in a random order (though automatically, on a grid and sequentially) on plasma restart if the icons had been previously put in custom positions (dragged around with the mouse.)

I would like those of you who have ever experienced this bug to check out the trunk and see if the bug persists. I have just made a commit fixing a potential race condition that could lead to the manifestation of this bug, but this is, of course, just a guess. Also, any additional information is welcome.

Please, comment directly at the bugs.kde.org bug page listed above.

Thank you in advance!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

KDE 4.8.1 available in Fedora

Hello fellow KDE devs and users!

I'm glad to tell you that the 4.8.1 update is available in Fedora in fedora-kde48 and kde-testing. Check out the amazing KDEPIM and folderview bugfixes, and probably a ton of other nice stuff!

Also, the hardcore desktop tweakers out there will appreciate one kdelibs / workspace / folderview fix I did for 4.8.1. Namely, I introduced a new KGlobalSettings category, SETTINGS_STYLE, and patched kcmstyle to emit a KGlobalSettings::settingsChanged notification with this category when the Graphic Effects level in the Fine Tuning tab is changed. Then, I patched FolderView to take advantage of that functionality, so now the hover-enter / hover-leave icon frame animation will only be enabled for the "low-low" and "high-low" (the topmost two) effect levels. I welcome those of you who use animations in your apps to take advantage of this change as well and consider disabling some or all of those animations at a certain graphic effects level. FolderView, for example, disables animations at NoEffects and GradientEffects and enables them at the higher levels.

Unfortunately, I forgot to backport the kde-workspace (kcmstyle) part of the fix to 4.8.1, and done that only a few hours ago (the original fix I did it mid-February). However, in Fedora, the fix will be available in 4.8.1-2. The other distros will probably push it as part of 4.8.2 when it is released.

Feedback for 4.8.1 in fedora-kde48 / kde-testing welcome! (of course, you should be reporting it to the RH tracker, I can only notify you about the updates)