Monday, February 27, 2012

Have you ever experienced this bug?

Hello fellow KDE devs and users!

Community help is needed with a difficult to reproduce bug.

The bug looks like this:if your desktop is set to FolderView (right click->View->Layout->Folder View->Apply), on plasma-desktop restart or KDE login, you are presented with an empty desktop and a scrollbar on the left, even if there are files in the directory displayed by the folderview containment. Scrolling to the very bottom does not reveal the icons. Setting the desktop to Desktop and then back to FolderView remedies the problem, but on the next KDE login, you may well experience the bug again.

The relevant entry:

I'd like to know if you have experienced this bug, under which KDE version, and any other steps to reproduce the bug.

Please add comments directly to that Bugzilla entry to avoid duplication and lost data. Thank you in advance!

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  1. Hello Ignat, my name is Julia Dronova, I represent a Russian ROSA distribution (RPM based). We do have a user who's experiencing this bug, but unfortunately he does not speak English at all. Would you be that kind to look at least at this forum topic, since you speak Russian, and may be the user can provide you any helpfull info.